Small and light Book Stand


mini & pro











Collaboration with Agliola


Agliola is original maker of ‘BookPad’ series. They have production process and users of the product.


We suggested BookPad mini & bag strategy and control whole package and contents strategy.e of ‘Be happy and healthy’.

Bookpad was created to read books comfortably even in cafes.


What if it gets smaller and lighter?

That’s why we suggest BookPad ‘mini’.




BookPad is usually used in temporary spaces such as cafes and libraries. In these cases, people tend to read small and popular books rather than heavy and large books.


We focused on this popular standard sized book and devised a smaller and lighter mini version.





We made a package design with a book motif.


It gave a sense of unity so that it could be harmonized with the ready-made product (BookPad pro).

Additional acc.

Reader’s Bag



A small and simple bag that is good for use with BookPad mini & pro.


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